Comparison to NIKON CT-PRO

As a verification, the results from the FDK algorithm are compared to results obtained from NIKON CT-PRO. An axis-symmetric tensile specimen is used in this study.

We do this by first acquiring a full dataset (3142 projections) and reconstruct the tomogram using the proprietary software NIKON CT-PRO. As the tomogram is axis-symmetric along the centre axis of the specimen, we reslice the tomogram for all R-Z planes and compute the average. This slice is then considered as the reference slice and is our target.

We then pick a single radiogram from the same dataset, filter the radiogram using a median low pass filter, and reconstruct a tomogram using the FDK algorithm modified for axis-symmetry.

Comparison of a radial slice

A comparison of the results from NIKON CT-PRO and AXITOM is shown below. The grey scale values have been normalized for easier comparison. There is a close correspondence between the results and the absolute deviation is in the order of 2%, here is considered a satisfactory result.